Pro Bono Legal Help

Completed January 2014 for LegalMatch

LegalMatch was receiving a high volume of cases from clients who could not pay for legal services, many of which lingered in their private system too long. They decided, with users' approval, to publish these pro bono cases on a separate domain in the hope that they might garner more attention. I provided a logo, layout and implemented the site in Wordpress.

Contributions: Logo, Design, Wordpress theme, CSS

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LegalMatch Attorney Site

Completed June 2012 for LegalMatch Membership Department

Attorney membership is the lifeblood of LegalMatch, so it was with great care that I redesigned the attorney side of their site. The site was made to gel with the new attorney backend, where members view cases and respond to clients. Pages were stripped of tables and replaced with standards compliant HTML/CSS, restructured and given a responsive design optimized for mobile devices and faster download.

Contributions: Design, HTML, CSS, Mobile

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LegalMatch Attorney Backend

Completed January 2012 for LegalMatch

LegalMatch's interface for attorneys reading and responding to cases was torn down and built back up from scratch. Navigation was simplified, workflows streamlined and color scheme & layout were redone completely. The overhaul allowed me to combine the mobile and desktop sites into one full-featured, responsive site.

Contributions: Design, HTML, CSS, Mobile

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LegalMatch Client Site

Completed January 2011 for LegalMatch Marketing Dept.

LegalMatch needed a new look for its customer-facing website. Keeping their logo and color scheme, I overhauled the 6-step sign up process and lawyer selection interface as well as the accompanying corporate blogs, legal reference section and more.

Contributions: Design, HTML, CSS, CMS

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Find Lawyers Attorneys

Completed August 2010 for LegalMatch is a front-end for people to find lawyers via LegalMatch. Users seeking lawyers can post a legal case using this site and receive a response from lawyers in their area.

Contributions: Design, HTML, CSS, Mobile

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Lawyers Legal Laws

Completed July 2010 for LegalMatch matches people who need legal help with lawyers via the LegalMatch database. It was redesigned from a standalone PPC landing page that linked to Now it features articles where people can learn about the law, as well as a complete case submission form. After cases are posted on this site, users can log on to LegalMatch when an attorney responds.

Contributions: Design, HTML, CSS, Mobile

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VidiiU Streamer

Completed January 2013 for VidiiU

I contributed layout to the video selection menu of Vidiiu, a web app that streams video to a Nintendo Wii U game system over Wi-Fi.

Contributions: Layout, HTML, CSS

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Pretend You're Xyzzy

Completed December 2012 for

Pretend You're Xxyyzz is an online multiplayer game based on the highly offensive Cards Against Humanity card game. I provided a minor redesign and layout cleanup via Github. The update increased contrast and prioritized elements important to the user.

Contributions: CSS, Layout Changes

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Lawyer Referral Services

Completed September 2009 for LegalMatch

Lawyer Referral Services is a compendium of referral services in the USA. It reviews, describes and links to different ways to find a lawyer, sorted by county. The site reviews local and state bar associations as well as private ways to find a lawyer and online lawyer referral sites.

Contributions: Design, HTML, CSS, PHP

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